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Non- Profit Corporation - Starter Bundle

Non-Profit Corporation - Starter Bundle


Formation Checklist

Articles of Incorporation


Employment Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

30 minute phone support valid for 90 days from date of purchase


Non- Profit Corporation - Starter Bundle

  • Before you buy

    Our bundles are designed for DIY entreprenuers who have done their research, and know what they want based on their company's needs.


    If none of these bundles seem right for you or if you have questions, please contact us for more information.  We will gladly walk you through the details.


    Please note that we do not provide legal advice on our online bundles.  We can show you how to do, not what to do.  State Bar Rules and all.


    If you are a resident of Illinois or Arizona, and need some legal help, please call us for a free consultation.  

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